Friday, April 8, 2011

Gov't Shutdown- Latest Developments

**Latest** Visit this article for more information on the continuing resolution agreement made tonight, just 1 hour shy of the shutdown deadline. 

**Breaking News** As expected, another temporary stop-gap agreement has been made with an agreement for the full fiscal year expected to be reached by next Thursday 4/15/2011.**

As the clock ticks down to the final hours of negotiations, many American people are outraged,
and rightly so!

The effect that a shutdown will have on our economy will not be a good one. In these vulnerable economic times this is the last thing we need, and I can only pray that the officials in D.C. can come to an agreement within the next 2 hours. Politics aside, here are some of the latest developments as well as some new bits of info that you can use in the event of a shutdown:

--USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union have both stepped up and are providing assistance to military families affected by a shutdown. Please visit their websites or call to find out how they can help you. USAA offers emergency assistance loans, and NFCU has said that they will deposit the full paycheck into service members accounts for the 15 Apr. payday, and will take back their advance once backpay is reinstated to the service members. 

-- There are emergency assistance programs for every branch, I have listed the websites below for your reference:

Here are the facts as we know them
Some of the programs that will be affected:

- US National parks will close.
- Museums will close.
- New applications for social security will not be processed.
- New applications for Passports will not be processed.
- New mailed tax returns will not be processed.
- Veteran benefits are at risk of being paid late or not at all.
- FHA Home loans and small business loans will not be paid.
- On base childcare facilities are expected to remain open, call yours to verify.
- Most on base commissaries are claiming to close, but call your local commissary to verify.

Any government employees deemed "unessential" will be asked to stay home without pay. Right now there are an estimated 800,000 people that fall under this category including the US military members (except that military members will not be allowed to stay home, but are expected to continue serving without pay). 
**It has also been released that the President as well as Congress are considered "essential" and will still continue to be paid through any shutdown.

**New Development: It is now confirmed that in the event that the Government does shutdown, all Military Death Benefits will be withheld until an agreement is reached. This means that if a service member is killed on duty while a shutdown is in effect, the service member's family will not receive the death benefits assistance they are entitled to for funeral expenses.

What is being said by officials now is that MOST LIKELY the only resolution that will be reached tonight is another temporary stop-gap to last until next week until a further resolution can be reached for the rest of the fiscal year. Another temporary resolution will prove to be just that, temporary. What we really need is for our elected officials to put their big boy britches on and get the job done for good.

I will continue to update as this situation unfolds.

If you have anything to add, or have any questions, please feel free to leave comments below.


  1. They have finally come to an agreement. Now it just has to pass the Senate. They better agree on it though! The extension you mention is just to get us through until they can write the agreement up and have the Senate vote and agree on it. If they did not do this extension, then the gov't would be shut down until Thursday (when the agreement they just made would be put into affect).

    I know the potential shut down and no military pay would not hurt us, but it would hurt so many around us. Lets just pray that the Senate will approve the agreement that the congress just made.

  2. CNN just said that the FULL agreement wont be made until next week, they have only made a temporary "bridge" agreement to keep the gov't open until next week when the full budget is agreed upon.

  3. Carrie Dann writes: With under an hour and a half to go before a midnight deadline, House Speaker John Boehner announced that there is a deal to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year and that a short-term stopgap measure will be approved tonight to stave off a government shutdown.

    they had to do the temporary bridge so that the govt wont shut down. Because the agree they came up with for the rest of the fiscal year still has to be written out and approved by the senate... which will take until next week.

  4. the agreement can STILL be denied though by the Senate, but I am hoping that they agree. This was the 'big' agreement the congress finally made. But next year they will be going through the same thing about different issues.

  5. thats exactly what I was trying to say, sorry if my post was unclear. :)

  6. I honestly cannot wait until next election. lol. I am REALLY going to pay attention to it and vote. I really wish I paid more attention in my HS gov't class now. lol

  7. I agree with you Lacey! Thats how everyone should feel right now. I know I am right there with you.

  8. Thought you might like this info, maybe put it on your blog???

    Notice: All military and reservists will receive full pay on April 15 for duty served. Expect to see more than one deposit into your account, so be sure to look closely at your deposits. Again, all payments will be deposited on April 15.

    Via the MyPay site (where you view your LES) Here's the link to it:

    Usually we get one deposit, but because the LESs on Friday were already showing them cut in half, they still have to deposit that amount, but will reimburse us the rest of it right away. For people who look at their bank accounts, this might alarm them.